2010/6/5 Igor Galić <i.galic@brainsware.org>

Hey folks,

I just realized that I created this one in good faith:


said my two words on IRC about it, and left it there -
mostly because my (lack of) free time didn't allow me to fill in
the blanks.

I'd like to get some points across on my intentions.

First off: I'm not sending this to users@ because a great mass
of users@ doesn't participate on IRC.

Second: A number people (users) on IRC have given me to understand
that our appearance is not consistent.

I have to agree with our users on this, depending on who's available and the question being asked the responses can vary widely from friend pointers to documentation to complete ready made solutions.
e.g. rewrite questions,
They'll get answers raging from read this and learn regex to nudges in the correct directions (examples in docs, wiki) to a correct and working rewriterule.

I also think this is part of what to expect on IRC, sometimes the people around have more knowledge on the subject or more free time. Then again maybe not answering at all in some cases would be better (as of the ##windows link)

Most of those of us who have @op in #httpd, do so because of their
hard-skill and because of their long-time presence -- not exactly
because of their soft-skills (I'm no exception ;) 
I would like to put down some, very basic rules, for all of us
to play by -- nicely. I've taken in that wiki-page ##windows
in special, and, of course, FreeNode in general as an example.
But I would like /us/ to put /our/ rules together by which we want
to play (and be played ;).

I really like this idea, I've scan-read through the pages linked on the wiki. I agree with quite a few things mentions not everything. I think the hardest part is getting a few good rules that will make things better and keep it simple.
That's all folks o/~
Igor Galić

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I also like the idea to merge it with /general/IRC like Sling suggested but we can keep /httpd/IRC for now as a scratch pad.
I'll see if I can pick a few and get a small list started on the page later today.