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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: javascript in docs?
Date Fri, 14 May 2010 17:04:27 GMT
> Assuming that we can make it work with the various rewrite rules and  
> stuff, here's what I'd like to see:
> /docs/ still goes to /docs/1.3/ for the short term. We update those  
> docs to provide links to the improved resource. Later down the road  
> (6 months? a year?) we start providing distinct 1.3 vs latest links  
> on those pages, and then eventually move /docs/ to point to /docs/ 
> current/
> /docs/x.y/ goes to docs/x.y/  Duh
> /docs/current goes to /docs/2.2 and gets updated with each  
> subsequent release.
> 404 goes to a helpful page explaining that the 1.3 version is  
> abandonware, and here's a link to a redirection thingy that might  
> know what you were looking for.
> The downside is that we don't get seamless redirection for 1.3 links  
> (although we might in some cases) and so existing broken links  
> remain broken until someone takes the initiative to fix them. I'm  
> not persuaded by the "don't break links" argument. A good link to a  
> bad resource is a broken link, by definition.

After some further discussion on IRC, I suppose I'll say what I really  

Having /docs/ redirect to /docs/1.3/ no longer makes sense. /docs/1.3/  
should be a permanent redirect to /docs/current/ which should be a 302  
to /docs/2.2 (or whatever is current at the time).

We'll need to have some sensible handling of 404 conditions. A nice  
404 handler with multiple choices would be great. But the time has  
passed to be serving 1.3 docs as our default response for /docs/  

I'm going to send Tony a patch to make this happen. I think that the  
time has come.

Rich Bowen

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