I am a student of Computer Science UFBA - Brazil, and share the documentation list for a long time because I am developing a project that involves the Apache HTTP Server Documentation.

I don't know if the discussion of these changes in nomenclature of the server is open to everyone or just to you who work directly with the documentation, but I make a suggestion.

It can be defined at the beginning of documentation, in a
relevant local, that "Apache HTTP Server" refers to the server as a whole, including all its processes (httpd, apachectl, etc.) and "httpd" refers to the process explicitly, or could be used only "httpd" for two, with a different markup to distinguish when referring to the server and when it refers to the process.

I think that use only the term "Apache 2" would lead to the belief that "Apache 1" or simply "Apache" refers to the first version of the server.

Anyway, this is just a suggestion, so excuse any inconvenience.


Adiel Cristo
"The measure of my steps is the will of my Father..."
Web Developer / Web Designer / Information Architect

Em 12/3/2010 09:35, Rich Bowen escreveu:

On Mar 12, 2010, at 7:27 AM, Rich Bowen wrote:

On Mar 12, 2010, at 6:29 AM, Eric Covener wrote:

We are unlikely to ever completely fix this in the public perception, but
the program is "httpd", the "Apache HTTP Server".  If you could all help
to identify "Apache" abuse throughout the documentation and web pages, and
transform those to "httpd" for shorthand, that would be a huge help.

I am still confused over when "Apache HTTP Server" and when "httpd".
Is the former just a baby step to the latter?

I wanted to do a mass sed of s/Apache 2/Apache HTTP Server 2/g, but if
"Apache HTTP Server" is only the marginally less confusing term I
didn't want the unnecessary churn.

("Apache 2" just happens to get a lot of hits and is a pretty safe expression)

What I ahve been trying to do is to use 'Apache HTTP Server (httpd)' at the beginning of a document, and 'httpd' thereafter. Perhaps Noirin can tell us what we should be doing here.

Also, should we be using particular markup, such as <code>httpd</code>, to refer to the server?


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