If we're going to do a massive sed, my preference would be for Apache
HTTPD and HTTPD, because the capitalisation avoids the confusion
between httpd-the-server and httpd-the-command, and it's fewer words

Going that way also means you don't have to worry about including the
short form in parentheses after the first reference - it's easy to
intuit that "HTTPD" and "Apache HTTPD" mean the same thing, whereas
it's less obvious what the connection is between "httpd" and "Apache
HTTP Server".

If we're going with Apache HTTP Server and httpd, I think it's
important to *avoid* markup when we mean the webserver, and to
(consistently, if we can!) *use* markup when we mean the command.

Hmm. I didn't think we had a choice in what name we used. I figured that was a question of trademark.

Anyone want to express an opinion on this before I go back and change what I've done? Is there a "right" name?