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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Suexec doc (Was Re: Fixing confusion of Apache vs httpd)
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2010 13:48:03 GMT

On Mar 12, 2010, at 8:35 AM, Adiel Cristo wrote:

> I am a student of Computer Science UFBA - Brazil, and share the  
> documentation list for a long time because I am developing a project  
> that involves the Apache HTTP Server Documentation.
> I don't know if the discussion of these changes in nomenclature of  
> the server is open to everyone or just to you who work directly with  
> the documentation, but I make a suggestion.
> It can be defined at the beginning of documentation, in a relevant  
> local, that "Apache HTTP Server" refers to the server as a whole,  
> including all its processes (httpd, apachectl, etc.) and "httpd"  
> refers to the process explicitly, or could be used only "httpd" for  
> two, with a different markup to distinguish when referring to the  
> server and when it refers to the process.
> I think that use only the term "Apache 2" would lead to the belief  
> that "Apache 1" or simply "Apache" refers to the first version of  
> the server.

That's correct. We're not going to use the term 'Apache 2'. It needs  
to be either 'Apache HTTP Server' or 'httpd' or 'Apache httpd.' What  
remains to determine is in what contexts we use each, and whether it  
matters, and whether any particular markup should be used in each case.

What I'm suggesting is that we use 'Apache HTTP Server (httpd)' at the  
beginning of a document, and 'httpd' thereafter. Perhaps repeating  
this at the beginning of a major section.

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