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From Andrew Ford <>
Subject Re: Suexec doc (Was Re: Fixing confusion of Apache vs httpd)
Date Thu, 18 Mar 2010 08:37:14 GMT
Andrew Ford wrote:
> William A. Rowe Jr. wrote:
>> On 3/17/2010 4:43 PM, Andrew Ford wrote:
>>> In my opinion a better, clearer name would just be Apache Web Server.
>> That isn't the name of 2.0/2.2 but I will be happy to add this to STATUS
>> as a recommendation for the next iteration :)  The issue in the past 
>> is that
>> the Tomcat (and now Geronimo) folk can legitimately object to this 
>> statement.

>> What is the short name of the "Apache Web Server"?  "Server"?  That 
>> would be
>> a problem.  Certainly not "Web", and the reason for this entire 
>> exercise is
>> that the Apache folk decided to let hundreds of other pieces of software
>> call themselves "Apache", so that is out, too.
> People will continue to refer to it as just "Apache".  The 
> documentation could refer to it as "the server" or "the web server" or 
> "the httpd program" as seems appropriate in the context, having 
> established in introductory material that the proper name was "the 
> Apache Web Server" (and pointing out that Apache is actually the name 
> of the foundation and can be applied to a wider set of projects).  To 
> me such usage just sounds more natural and less forced.
Actually, there might be more of a chance of getting a new identity to 
stick by calling it "Apache Web Server (AWS)" and then referring to the 
abbreviation AWS everywhere.  Then one could say "It is not 'Apache', it 
is 'Apache Web Server' or 'AWS' for short", and people might start using 
the new abbreviation.  As I said before "HTTPD" is ugly - it also sounds 
to my Unix hacker's ears like an anonymous HTTP daemon and looks like a 
random string of five consonants.  "AWS" is easier to spell out, and 
doesn't seem to be in use for any other technical project or body 
(having googled for "define: AWS").  It has a certain similarity to 
"IIS", which might not be a bad thing.


Andrew Ford                     
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