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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Suexec doc (Was Re: Fixing confusion of Apache vs httpd)
Date Sat, 13 Mar 2010 18:01:54 GMT
> If we're going to do a massive sed, my preference would be for Apache
> HTTPD and HTTPD, because the capitalisation avoids the confusion
> between httpd-the-server and httpd-the-command, and it's fewer words
> :-)
> Going that way also means you don't have to worry about including the
> short form in parentheses after the first reference - it's easy to
> intuit that "HTTPD" and "Apache HTTPD" mean the same thing, whereas
> it's less obvious what the connection is between "httpd" and "Apache
> HTTP Server".
> If we're going with Apache HTTP Server and httpd, I think it's
> important to *avoid* markup when we mean the webserver, and to
> (consistently, if we can!) *use* markup when we mean the command.

Hmm. I didn't think we had a choice in what name we used. I figured  
that was a question of trademark.

Anyone want to express an opinion on this before I go back and change  
what I've done? Is there a "right" name?

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