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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject Re: Clarification/Correction needed for HEADER directive explanation
Date Tue, 19 Jan 2010 15:58:26 GMT

On Jan 19, 2010, at 10:50 , Dan Poirier wrote:

> Sorry, poor wording on my part.  I just meant we couldn't use them  
> under
> the current license, so we'd have to get them donated under the Apache
> license if we wanted to use them.
> On what parts of the documentation they did the most work on, that  
> work
> was done some time ago by other people, so the current team doesn't  
> have
> that information handy.

Bummer. Well, if they are interested in donating, I'd be delighted to  
read through them and determine which parts we can use, and which we  
can't. I'd be particularly interested in docs on security and  
performance, since that's where we are (currently) most lacking.

Rich Bowen

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