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From Joseph Pecoraro <>
Subject Re: Your mod_rewrite tutorial
Date Fri, 01 Jan 2010 21:06:13 GMT
>>> I was also very fond of
and and
and would like to use those too, with your permission.
>> I would absolutely be willing to donate the images! I also have all of the original
files (OmniGraffle on Mac OS X), so if you think they should be updated, or any wording changed,
I'd be happy to update them.
> I have a requested change to the file syntax_rewritecond.png

This was actually syntax_rewriterule.png.

> It contains the phrase: Regular Expression checked against the "URL Part" which is similar
> I was wondering if you could change that phrase to: Regular Expression checked against
the requested URI, which is the part after "http://hostname"
> Or words to that effect. Yes, it's nit-picky, but the regex is matched against the URI,
not the full URL.

Sure. Here is what the change produces:

When a particular format is chosen (another email thread) I will
put the updated files in a public location where you can
download them.

In my article, I made up the terminology "URL Part" to simplify
things for readers. I expected that the technical documentation
to be more precise.  Good suggestion.

- Joe
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