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From Joseph Pecoraro <>
Subject Re: Documents translation contribute
Date Mon, 04 Jan 2010 22:08:54 GMT
> Most likely, I forgot to say that I work on MS Win Platform.
> So I don't know what about svn: is that a linux command line executable?
> Can I contribute working on a MS Win platform?

SVN, or "Subversion" is one of many version control systems. Its useful
for teams to have a central "repository" they can cooperatively
contribute to. It stores all previous revisions (versions) of files,
allows you to see individual changes, allows you to merge your changes
with a newer version (if someone else updated), and more.

Git is a slightly different version control system that focuses on
being distributed instead of centralized. I haven't checked the status
of git on Windows recently, but for a while it was iffy. Maybe someone
else can comment on this.

Apache has some information on Subversion here:

Wikipedia here:

I haven't used Windows in a while, but a very simple, newbie friendly
interface was Tortoise SVN. It is an extension for Windows Explorer:

- Joseph Pecoraro

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