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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject PHP installation on Apache
Date Sun, 13 Dec 2009 14:21:35 GMT
I've been asked to help make the PHP/Apache documentation better. Most  
of us have complained about it at some point, and the time has come to  
put put our time into fixing it. I'm content to do this myself, but  
would welcome any assistance that you fine people can offer.

The relevant links are: - The bug, which is assigned to me. - php  
installation for Apache/Windows - php  
installation for Apache 1.3/Windows - php  
installation for Apache 1.3/Unix - php  
installation for Apache 2.x/Unix

I've temporarily grabbed part of the httpd wiki as a scratch pad for  
this, and would welcome any edit. Note that the result needs to be  
literate prose, not merely recipes with a few notes, but mostly what I  
need help with is the CGI and FastCGI instructions for PHP, since I've  
never done it either of those ways, and understand that the current  
docs are Just Plain Wrong.


Rich Bowen

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