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From André Malo>
Subject Re: document translation infrastructure?
Date Wed, 02 Dec 2009 12:25:55 GMT
* Miles Libbey wrote: 

> Hi folks-
> I work in the Traffic Server incubator project, and have had our first
> request to translate documentation from English into Korean.
> I think I missing something in the process that Paul describes.  Sounds
> like:
> 1. Someone makes a change to the English docbook/xml file, and submits a
> patch.
> 2. The patch gets reviewed, and assuming high quality changes, gets
> committed

usually the people directly commit it. The English documentation has CTR 
policy (commit then review).

> 3. something happens in which all the xml.{language_code} files get a
> new "English Revision" comment [what's the something and it's
> surrounding process?], and I'm guessing all reviewed by/{language}
> translation comments get removed.

The English documents (xml) are authoritative. They have the 
LastChangedRevision property set which is filled inside a comment by every 
subversion checkout.

The translator of a document adds a comment to the translation, which 
contains the svn revision number the translation is based on (also within a 
comment, with a specified format).

The build system does the following on every run:

- check which translations exist
- check the LastChangedRevision of the english documents against each 
  translation and if it is different from the translator's comment, the 
  comment is changed to contain the original translator's base revision and 
  the new one of the english document. These generated comments are further
  modified if the English document changes again.
- generate "meta" files for each english document, which contain the 
  information collected above: which languages are available and whether 
  they are outdated or not.
- these meta files are included in the transformation process (xslt) to 
  generate the final html files and typemaps for mod_negotiation.
- Additionally for each language build a list of outdated files is emitted 
  on the console.


> 6. Something transforms the xml into html.  When transforming,
>   - if there is a (outdated) reference, the language site gets a "This
> translation may be out of date" message on the relevant pages (including
> the index).


>   - the html files are copied to a language directory, removing the
> .{language_code} from the file name in the process
> [when does this happen? Is the priority to get a better English version
> out quickly or give other languages a chance to catch up before a push
> date?]

See the typemap story above. There's a corresponding httpd configuration 
working with the typemaps.


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