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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject mod_rewrite @ hackathon
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 18:32:35 GMT
A while back I split the mod_rewrite "guide" into two files, mostly  
because the one was way too long.

That was a mistake, since the division between basic and advanced is  
pretty arbitrary, and now nobody can find anything.

I'm planning to spend whatever time I have at the hackathon next week  
splicing them back together and considering whether a more sensible  
division would work - perhaps by topic, or by ... I don't know.  
Suggestions welcomed. Yes, I should have started this thread weeks  
ago, but it's been pretty busy chez moi, and this is the first day  
I've really had time to think about the hackathon.

And I need to work on my mod_perl presentation, too, so the two things  
go together pretty well. Ideally, my mod_perl presentation is  
something of a rewrite guide style anyways.


Rich Bowen

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