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From Bob Ionescu <>
Subject Re: Patch for mod_alias.xml
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 19:46:35 GMT
2009/8/10 Issac Goldstand <>:
> Let's say you have a line Redirect 301 /foo/bar. /baz/bar.extension
> One would assume from the docs that this would rewrite
> /foo/bar.something to /baz/bar.extension.something
> However, this isn't the case, since /foo/bar.something doesn't end with
> a / and therefore mod_alias is looking for an exact match (in
> alias_matches) and the request doesn't get modified at all

Yes, but a request for /foo/bar./other/some would become
/baz/bar.extension/other/some with your redirect directive. So may be
you should word that the string compared against the URL-path argument
of the directive must have a slash beyond the match in order to append
additional path information to the URL-argument of the directive.

But may be "Additional path information" may word that already if
you're defining additional path information as /path/info and not foo.


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