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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: Patch for mod_alias.xml
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 18:47:15 GMT
Eric Covener wrote:
> On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Issac Goldstand<> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>  After a colleague at work was struggling with the Redirect directive,
>> I realized that the docs could be a bit clearer.  I prepared a small
>> patch, but didn't want to commit myself simply because I'm not 100% sure
>> of the patch-xml/ant/html processes for committing doc patches.
>> This is against httpd-2.2.13 (should patch fine to trunk, too).
>>  Issac
>> Index: manual/mod/mod_alias.xml
>> ===================================================================
>> --- manual/mod/mod_alias.xml    (revision 800376)
>> +++ manual/mod/mod_alias.xml    (working copy)
>> @@ -214,7 +214,8 @@
>>     <p>Then any request beginning with <em>URL-Path</em> will return
>>     redirect request to the client at the location of the target
>> -    <em>URL</em>.  Additional path information beyond the matched
>> +    <em>URL</em>.  If <em>URL-Path</em> ends with a trailing
>> +    then additional path information beyond the matched
>>     <em>URL-Path</em> will be appended to the target URL.</p>
> Can you demonstrate the trailing-slash/no-trailing-slash difference
> this is describing?  I wasn't able to recreate.
Sure.  I'll do this from memory, but if you can't reproduce, I'll try to
get a hold of the old config that my colleague was bashing his head against.

Let's say you have a line Redirect 301 /foo/bar. /baz/bar.extension

One would assume from the docs that this would rewrite
/foo/bar.something to /baz/bar.extension.something

However, this isn't the case, since /foo/bar.something doesn't end with
a / and therefore mod_alias is looking for an exact match (in
alias_matches) and the request doesn't get modified at all

The redirect would need to be done using RedirectMatch or mod_rewrite

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