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From Igor Galić <>
Subject Re: AddOutputFilterByType and and mod_deflate
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 15:21:37 GMT
> >
> > states that AddOutputFilterByType is deprecated. The mod_deflate
> docs
> > recommend using it. What's the preferred syntax using mod_filters?
> I would say something like this:
> FilterDeclare COMPRESS
> FilterProvider COMPRESS DEFLATE resp=Content-Type $text/html
> FilterChain COMPRESS
> FilterProtocol COMPRESS change=yes;byteranges=no
> Wow. That's significantly more complicated. I don't want to have to be
> the one to explain that to someone on #apache.

compared to the one, deprecated line: 

SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

> Seriously, $text/html and not text/html? Is that a typo? Clearly I
> need to read the mod_filter docs a lot more closely.

This was actually the first time I remotely understood how mod_filter works.
> I really dislike changes that make the configuration multiple times
> more difficult. :(

or break them, for that matter.
In trying to apply this filter, I no longer get gzipped content generated
from HTTPd's Error Documents:

igalic@knock ~ % curl -Lk -H 'Accept-Encoding: gzip' 2>/dev/null|gunzip

gunzip: stdin: not in gzip format

As I do get it from other, Apache Native Content Generators, like Directory
Listings, I suppose that inserting mod_filter configuration among classical
Filters, such as SSI simply breaks those chains.

So long,

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