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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: [Httpd Wiki] ClientDeniedByServerConfiguration
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2008 17:05:03 GMT
Tero Lampiluoto wrote:
> Hello,
> I decided to ask opinion before editing.
> Subjects wiki page revision #7 (2008-01-26) gives wrong information
> in "You need a <Location> or <Proxy> block for your proxy".
> Reverse proxy configuration does not require Location/Proxy.
> The confusion is that certain distros (debian--) add
> "<Proxy *>" -block with "Deny from all" by default if one loads
> mod_proxy (see Debians /etc/apache2/mods-available/proxy.conf).
> Adding Proxy block with reverse proxies is pretty much wrong in
> the first place and that has implications as you either
> a) need to remove the default Proxy block
> b) need to add Location or Proxy block which negates the default
>     "Deny from all".
> But .. to my point. There are bunch of Debian users around and
> for them that wiki information probably is helpful. They get their
> service working even though the actual mistake is elsewhere.
> So do you think we should leave it be, add something about
> default Proxy block or remove that information.
> Addition could be like:
> -<p>This Location block will allow Apache to proxy content for /foo. </p>
> +<p>This Location block will allow Apache to proxy content for /foo. This
> +Location block is only needed if there is earlier Proxy or Location block
> +denying access to this resource.</p>



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