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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: mod_rewrite docs
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2008 13:12:53 GMT
Rich Bowen wrote:

> I've finally resurfaced, and am once again tinkering with the 
> mod_rewrite documentation. My goal is to have the rewrite guide be full 
> of actual useful real-world examples, and stuff that folks are actually 
> asking on IRC and the users@ list, and to have the explanations be 
> actual explanations, rather than just "don't think, just do this" recipes.
> I'd also like to get all of the stuff in the ill-fated 
> into either the real docs, or into the official 
> wiki, so that I can retire that hardware before it gives up the ghost.
> So I expect for a while it will look like I'm just flailing about 
> aimlessly, but I have a general plan in mind, and I hope I'm moving in 
> that direction. Although one can hope that HTTPD 3.0 will make 
> mod_rewrite nothing more than an unpleasant memory, for the moment it's 
> one of our biggest support burdens, at least on IRC, and I naively 
> believe that this could be helped by better documentation, and better 
> examples.
> I think I've decided to focus on the trunk docs, but if someone wanted 
> to apply patches to 2.2, I expect that there are folks who would 
> appreciate that. I don't know how cleanly the patches will apply back to 
> 2.0, but perhaps that's worth doing, too.
I know that there is a patch due to come to dev@ shortly for mod_rewrite 
which adds an extra flag ;-


Tony Stevenson  //

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