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From Andrew Ford <>
Subject Documentation of non-standard CGI environment variables
Date Tue, 15 Jul 2008 21:05:20 GMT
While documenting the CGI environment variables for the Apache Pocket
Reference I came across some minor discrepencies between the Apache
source code, documentation and the CGI specification.

It appears that the variable REQUEST_URI is unconditionally set.  This
are not included in the CGI spec and not mentioned in the
documentation.  REQUEST_URI is mentioned in the mod_rewrite docs, but it
appears even if RewriteEngine is set to OFF.  DOCUMENT_ROOT and
SERVER_ADMIN are set and comments in the code say that these are Apache
additions, but that is not reflected in the documentation.

SCRIPT_URI and SCRIPT_URL are set if RewriteEngine is set to ON.  This
is mentioned in the mod_rewrite documentation, but probably ought to be
mentioned in the mod_cgi docs and in howto/cgi.html

Does anyone have any comments on these variables?  Once the book is out
of the way I'll work up a patch for the relevant documentation files.


Andrew Ford                     
South Wing Compton House, Compton Green,
Redmarley, Gloucestershire, GL19 3JB, UK
Tel:    +44 1531 829900
Mobile: +44 7785 258278

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