me too.

Iñigo Medina García <> wrote:
Good idea! :-)
Iim insterested too.


> I am nearly finished with the technical review draft of the second
> edition of the Apache Pocket Reference (my deadline for this is 30 May),
> and am looking for a number of people to review the manuscript. I would
> be very grateful for any volunteers and I believe that there will be
> some free copies of the book for reviewers from O'Reilly.
> O'Reilly are planning on this being published in August this year
> (details already on their web site and i's on Amazon for pre-order).
> The new edition has been completely overhauled and expanded (looks like
> the page count will increase from 112 to about 170), with the focus
> being on 2.2, and with compatibility information for users of 1.3.
> Following chats with some of the core developers at ApacheCon Europe
> last month I have decided to not bother with compatibility information
> for users of 2.0.
> As part of the research for the book I have been looking at the
> documentation and comparing with the source code, and have found a few
> errors which I am reporting to the docs project. Once I've finished the
> technical review draft of the book I am planning on creating a new quick
> reference card for Apache 2.2 and updating the old 1.3 version to remove
> compatibility information for 1.2.
> As I say, I would be very grateful for help. If you are interested,
> please contact me directly (
> Andrew

Iñigo Medina García
Librería Díaz de Santos Madrid (Spain)

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