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From Nilgün Belma Bugüner <>
Subject Re: [NEW FILES] New Turkish Documents
Date Sat, 31 May 2008 09:51:20 GMT
Cumartesi 31 May 2008 07:22 sularında, Takashi Sato şunları yazmıştı: 
> 1. KeptBodySize directivesynopsis remained as comment in trunk and 2.2.
> What does this mean? 
> And in particular in 2.2, KeptBodySize have never existed.
It took me longer than usual to translate core.xml. It was modified 
during that time. It has been modified today even.

It seems KeptBodySize was transferred into another file during one of 
these modifications. I did not delete the translation, just commented 
it. My intention was to transfer it into I forgot to 
do it during the time. Now that and the correct core.xml file are 
attached here.

> 2. SetInputFilter is not translated.
> I don't mean to tell you to translate it.
> I just want to know the reason.
> It's OK to commit it as-is.

I proof-read the document from time to time by converting it into html. 
Also it gets reviewed. It is interesting that it went unnoticed nevertheless. 
I added you as a reviewer  for this document ;-) For some reason I think you understand Turkish..

(A suggestion: You would better not apply modifications to eliminate 
spaces from the files. This causes translations to get outdated for no 
good reason.)

Best regards,

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