Finally someone injects the much needed sanity in this thread!

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 3:22 AM, dhickox <> wrote:
Hy Frankdavid,but call me dhickox,firstI would like some body to detail me
what role am I playing on theseginy pig  experimental,I feel you in on
part,I been tracking jon since 20 computers agowhen I was selling at Bay mr
commander and jon took advantage of poor skills on computers,and stole  all
the drivers and I had no clue, that could be possible,so I told my dad I
will get them as fast as can no matter how long it takes AND computers,well
kept data of each events it was happening,soevery time I get to close "Ant
with NT licenses to kill"harddisk atack my homeaway from home,I learned
about copy right violations done on my computers,and this oneIgot pretty
good on the computer,but I did notices,the mistakes I made  coupleof weeks
ago that other times had cost me one more computer,but this time I was kept
alive,but when the ants notices I was not going to stop went full force
again, but this timeI have not made the same mistake even do ants and bugs
count with geeks,and I have not trust any body,and I have shown that with no
support but 80 hrs a week or more to save the computer and upgrade my
skills,but this time it cost all my (R) WindowsXP home and pro arte useless
because while I was fighting one side the back door was open and trade me
for windows txtand bride me to be shirts to all of you,but I have use the
toolbox or version tracker or OS or java from Apacheal I had was second
editionwindows installer and administrators by Linux I purshusealmost 8
months ago and one of my CD got broken,but if somebody fills me in I
certanly will give you it shut tolet you finish whever expiremt this is all
about,so far I was going to blocked all as I did global and apacheeven do I
have not use the Linux toolbox or theirsugestion neither I have use
yours,until I know what this is all about, I filled in my part,when I first
went Apache is because I wanted to move on and start selling my collectibles
and antiques,but jon did not let go,and neither will I until he replaces
back all my original software on my dads computer and mine and compasate me$
for the trouble that has cost, and still hyjacking me but he trade it my
good rolex for one of those they sell in downtown NY for 20.00dlls,is not
the a good mechanic could not use tawian, but as American I pay for the best
I could and very proud,and I want it backbeside that I am broke now,so thank
you ,but if I do not get to know was going on my quest is jon  and mr
commander so I blocked all websites doing the study,as I said up to now I
have not use any it was to overwhelming all of the son,so I said trust only
yurself so far