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From "Per Lundberg" <>
Subject Found minor typo in documentation for AuthLDAPURL / mod_authnz_ldap with redundant servers in the URL
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2008 09:48:17 GMT

Trying to set up LDAP authentication in my Apache, I found a slight
problem in the manual (more specifically on this page:
The example for redundant LDAP servers is "almost" correct, showing:

	AuthLDAPURL ldap://,
	Require valid-user

However, when usin this setup you will get an error similar to this:

	Syntax error on line 51 of
	Invalid LDAP connection mode setting: must be one of NONE, SSL,

This is because the AuthLDAPURL is being incorrectly split up in the
parsing of the Apache 2.2 config file, and the second "keyword" becomes
"," which is incorrect syntax (the
configuration parser expects an LDAP connection mode according to the

The correct way to do it is enquoting the URL in double quotes:

	AuthLDAPURL "ldap://,
	Require valid-user

Works like a charm for me. :) Hope this helps someone!
Best regards
Per Lundberg

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