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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject Re: On line docs
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 00:14:21 GMT
On 10/2/07, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
> Good day one and all,
> With the threads [1] on dev@ discussing the end of 1.3 support,
> gathering some pace, I wanted to re-raise something that really bugs me
> just as I know it does other too.
> When going to it defaults to
> the 1.3 version of the documentation, I would like to see this either
> removed, or people are redirected to 2.2 at least.  This could be
> changed at a later date, as and when the next major release, is er,
> released.

Oh man, not this topic again. ;-) You guys should search the archives
a little. This always causes a heated debate.

To clarify, the stuff directly under /docs/ (with no version number)
is not the "default" docs; it is a bunch of legacy urls that redirect
to the canonical location of what once lived there. None of our
content should currently link there, and it should never be used for

So exactly what problem are you trying to solve? If you just don't
like the idea that stuff under there redirects to an obsolete version,
I say learn to live with it. Because the alternative is to break a ton
of legacy links to the 1.3 docs. (Broken in one of two sense: either
broken 404 because the new docs don't necessarily have all the same
pages; or broken because someone really intended to link to 1.3, not
the most recent version.) I HATE breaking urls.

On the other hand, feal very free to spruce up the /docs/ index page,
and perhaps also update the ssi header include file used in the 1.3
docs. It currently says "Is this the version you want? For more recent
versions, check our documentation index." I believe it could say "You
are reading the documentation for an obsolete version of the server.
For the current version, check our documentation index." And we could
perhaps try to provide direct links to the appropriate place in the
2.2 docs where appropriate.


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