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From "Vincent Bray" <>
Subject Re: Using Solr to index and search the Apache HTTPD Documents
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2007 18:51:27 GMT
Chris's message follows from this thread:
where the idea of dogfooding came up. The concept of 'Java weenies'
came up there, but this facility hasn't involved any Java coding. The
trickiest part as I understand it has been splitting the docs up in to
separately indexable parts, such that the title and/or description of
a <directive> element becomes relevant. Then there's making semantic
sense of the non-module xml docs.

I'm very much in favour of seeing how far we can take Solr as the
search mechanism for the httpd docs.

It would help to compile a list of hit/miss on expected results, and
any other critisisms of this implementation.

Please stick your collective oars in, and we'll (he'll) try and paddle
this thing somewhere :-)


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