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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: Using Solr to index and search the Apache HTTPD Documents
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 21:47:41 GMT
Evening all,

Chris, thanks for all your hard work on this so far, I know you have put 
in an inordinate amount of time so far. The demo site, and the plugin we 
now use for fajita (#apache's loyal bot servant) are working very well.

Justin, as noodl pointed out this was suggested back in June of this 
year, and I agreed to take on the task of seeing if we could, the httpd 
docs at least, use solr as a replacement for the current search.

Alas, my wedding kind of sapped all my free time, and Chris here kindly 
took the mantle, and ran with it.  He has put in a huge amount of work 
to get it this far and has produced a working viable alternative to the 
current "hacked-up google based search we currently use.

On the maintenance aspect of things, I am more than happy to throw my 
towel into the mix to help maintain this, and I am sure there are 
several others (noodl?) who would help out where needed too.

Granted the project needs a JVM of 1.5 or higher, and this is not 
currently installed on either EOS, or AURORA.  It also requires an 
Application server (such as Tomcat) which supports the Servlet 2.4 
standard.  We (Chris) has been testing this with Jetty, but I am sure 
there would not be too much more work involved in getting Tomcat in 
place, if that were deemed to be preferable...

As Chris has already stated, we don't need to load any of these directly 
onto any publicly facing machines, and thus not only removing any load 
from the two web servers, but also taking the core of the search one 
step removed from the public.

So in summary what I guess I am trying to say is that I am very much a 
'+1' on this.

Originally Sander was going to help me with the Infra@ part of getting 
this in place were we successful in getting it working. Sander you still 
up for helping with it?

Justin, what else, or other information do you want from either Chris, 
or myself?  We want to try this in place, even if it is only the httpd 
docs project to start with. It's a good place with which to start, if it 
proves successful it could easily be expanded to include further 
projects, or even for the main site.

It would be a great shame to see all this effort that has been put into 
making this work, fizzle out into nothing.  I now have time to help get 
this into production use, give the chance, with a little help from Infra 
of course.

If there is anything you want to see, or hear before we can take this 
further, please, just say so.


chris wrote:
> Thank you for the responses fellas.
> Solr is very fast, extremely flexible, can be deployed in a highly 
> available manner, does not have complex requirements, is easy to 
> configure and maintain and you guys own it.  I am surprised that you are 
> not already using it for all of the ASF's projects documentation and 
> doubt Goodle's CSE would ever do the job as well as Solr could with just 
> a little elbow grease behind it.  You can make it whatever you want. It 
> is after all open source, unlike the Google option.  Why tie yourself to 
> a vendor when you can keep complete control yourself, do a better job 
> with very little resources, and never have to worry about the issues 
> that come along with building a dependency on something outside of your 
> control?


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