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From Max Dittrich <>
Subject Documentation of "mod_authn_dbd" should clarify the use of "AuthDBDUserRealmQuery" and "AuthDBDUserPWQuery"
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 20:48:58 GMT

I felt a little bit misleaded by the current documentation when trying 
to use the new module "mod_authn_dbd".

As far as I figured out, is the query configured with 
"AuthDBDUserRealmQuery" only used when mod_authn_dbd acts as an 
"AuthDigestProvider" (AuthBasicProvider -> AuthDBDUserPWQuery).

Additionally it should be mentioned that "AuthDBDUserRealmQuery" has to 
return a MD5-hash of "<user>:<realm>:<password>" and not an "encrypted 
password". So linking to the new document "Password Formats" would be nice.

thanks for your efforts,

> The query must take two string (typically SQL varchar) arguments
> (username and realm), and return a single value (encrypted password).

in the usage description of "AuthDBDUserRealmQuery" and 
"AuthDBDUserPWQuery" seems to have a needless comma before "and" ?!

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