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From "Jorge Schrauwen" <>
Subject Re: On line docs
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2007 22:24:36 GMT
On 10/2/07, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
> Good day one and all,
> With the threads [1] on dev@ discussing the end of 1.3 support,
> gathering some pace, I wanted to re-raise something that really bugs me
> just as I know it does other too.
> When going to it defaults to
> the 1.3 version of the documentation, I would like to see this either
> removed, or people are redirected to 2.2 at least.  This could be
> changed at a later date, as and when the next major release, is er,
> released.

Oh yes it defaulting to 1.3 is something I don't like either.

We would need to ensure that /docs/mod-foo.html is not directly
> referenced anywhere, either in the online docs, or with the src that
> ships with each tarball.


We already have a page at /docs/ with links too
> /docs/1.3/
> /docs/2.0/
> /docs/2.2/
> /docs/trunk/
> Maybe this page could be 'spruced' up a little to make it more
> informative, and more likely to lead people in the right direction.
> Redirecting to 1.3 by default could be seen to be implying that this is
> what 'they' should be reading and/or using, is this really what we want?
> I am trying to think of a way to handle the people who would still go to
> /docs/mod-foo.html, possibly redirecting them to a "handling/routing
> function" where they select the version of HTTPd that they want to see
> the documentation for, for that explicit module/page.  A simple PHP page
> perhaps?

Not sure if many things around here are php, I like megaspaz's mod_rewrite
idea better.

A second method we could use (thanks for reminding me of the obvious
> megaspaz) is to use a rewritecond,  to check for /docs/(1.3|2.0|2.2|)
> and rewrite those without to a landing page, showing how to find the
> version of the docs they want.


Alternatively, we could stop forcing a default version of the docs on
> people, and stop /docs/mod-foo.html from working altogether

I think this is a bad idea because undoutably a lot of site will be linking
against that uri.
Making it give a 404 or move or gone or whatever seems like a bad idea.

I do like the idea of a landing page where the users selects the correct
version and optionally a text explaining how he can find out which version
he/she is running.

I am not trying to open a huge can of worms here, just merely expressing
> an interest.
> Thoughts?

Yep and if you are reading this you've read them :)

> Tony
> [1]
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