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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Using Solr to index and search the Apache HTTPD Documents
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2007 14:28:33 GMT
On 15.10.2007, at 19:12, Joshua Slive wrote:

> On 10/10/07, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
>> Originally Sander was going to help me with the Infra@ part of  
>> getting
>> this in place were we successful in getting it working. Sander you  
>> still
>> up for helping with it?
> Are you out there Sander?
> I imagine this is something we could run from the solaris zones box
> under the httpd zone. (I think such a thing exists.)

Yep, PaulQ should know more - dunno for what it is used currently  
(it's on helios afaik).

> This would keep
> it relatively isolated from our main infrastructure. It would also
> make it less reliable. But search, while important, is not mission
> critical. So it won't kill anyone if it goes down occasionally.

I agree, and we could always switch back to the gsearch pretty quickly.

> I am +1 on this stuff, assuming that someone is going to drive through
> the infrastructure stuff.

I'd be up for helping out with the infra-side of things though I'd  
suggest to first get some new place to host the sources incl. configs  
and to start writing the required docs (installation, restoration,  
runbook, performance analysis, dependencies, ...) and supplemental  
scripts e.g. for backups/monitoring/indexing.

How about

Chris, Tony and others could then import and work on the stuff until  
we can satisfy all the requirements imposed by Infra and then see on  
how to take it live.



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