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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r571928 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.2.x/STATUS
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2007 12:38:46 GMT
André Malo wrote:

>> Is &nbsp; valid in XML?
> Given the proper Doctype, sure.
> However, firefox refuses a lot. This does not mean it's not valid. The char 
> entity problem is well-known, but invalid (firefox only uses DTDs out of 
> the chrome scheme, for whatever reason). The doc build system incorporates 
> all HTML char entities and is the authoritative source whether a document 
> can be transformed or not.

The docs at imply 
that modern browsers should work and that an older browser might not, 
and when Firefox didn't my first thought was that the XML was at fault, 
and not Firefox.

Is it possible to update this page to clarify that one should always 
rely on the reference transformation using Xalan+Xerces because 
concluding anything is broken? At the moment, emphasis is placed on 
Xalan+Xerces being used to prevent massive diffs only.


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