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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: docs-build and java stack size
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2007 17:51:28 GMT
On 12.09.2007, at 16:12, Eric Covener wrote:

> has:
>> # raise stack size...
>> ANT_OPTS="-Xmx128m -mx128m"
> AFAICT those affect the heap only and to change the native thread
> stack size java seems to want -ss/-Xss.

Yep, 'java -X' tells:

     -Xms<size>        set initial Java heap size
     -Xmx<size>        set maximum Java heap size
     -Xss<size>        set java thread stack size

Though the last time we had any mem-related problems it was  
sufficient to simply raise the heap.

> Adding -Xss10m allowed me to get past java.lang.StackOverflowError
> during the  docs build.

Hmm, considering the default thread stack size of 512kb on Sparc and  
256kb on Intel for 1.3 and 1.4 32-bit VMs I think this is a bit too  
much, no? (Since it quickly adds up to the whole amount of mem used...)

Does it also work with 1mb, 2mb or 4mb?

Ah, and just out of interesst, what does 'ulimit -s' say for you? On  
OS X it's 8192k so 10m is kind of moot here anyway, though shouldn't  
do any harm :)


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