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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject Re: Password Encryptions transformation
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 17:39:52 GMT
On 8/19/07, Vincent Bray <> wrote:

> Also, as this is my first go at producing a whole document, please
> don't be shy telling me what I've messed up. In particular I think I
> may have used too many nested section elements.
> In my trunk working copy, this file is docs/manual/misc/password_encryptions.xml
> Is that name ok? There's a few different combinations of
> squishedworks, under_scored_names and hyphenated-gubbins in that
> directory.

Looks fine to me. I don't care about the filename. Section nesting
down to two levels is fine.

I'd add just a little more context at the top (in <summary>) about
what this is useful for (perhaps with links back to the relevant
modules). I'd also remove the author stuff in the comment at the top.
That will go in the commit message. (And you should probably replace
"which" with "that" most places in the doc. "Which" is rarely the
right word to use unless it immediately follows a comma.)

I fear the section at the bottom will be the instigator of infinite
bug reports on better ways to do that in various languages, but I
guess we'll live with it.

Then the next job is to link back to this doc from all the relevant
places in the docs.


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