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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject Re: HTTPD Wiki Pages
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 00:14:30 GMT
On 8/16/07, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
> Good day,
> Earlier today whilst reading through some of the infra@ postings I
> happened across a mail which was referring to another wiki platform that
> the ASF use.  CWIKI.

I have no particular attachment to moinmoin (or wikis in general), but
a few notes:

1. confluence is not open source, which is a big strike against it for
us (not just on philosophical grounds, but also on practical grounds
for a tech-oriented non-profit wanting to maintain control of its
"knowledge resources").

2. confluence is way more resource hungry and less stable than moinmoin.

3. Many projects use confluence as a pure content management system to
generate their project docs. We have another system to generate our
project docs and use moinmoin as a real wiki to encourage public
contributions. The extra features of confluence are less attractive in
this situation. If you are proposing that we use confluence to
generate our official docs, that is a whole other ball of wax and
would, I'm sure, involve massive changes in how we do things.

4. While confluence can export html, moinmoin is fronted by mod_cache,
making it very light-weight for read-only use.

5. moinmoin is also somewhat customizable. See the spamassassin wiki,
for example.

I believe it is very premature to call for a vote. I'd first like to
see some very concrete reason why confluence would be substantially


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