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From "Nóirín Plunkett" <>
Subject Re: Your HTTPD wiki page
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2007 14:31:10 GMT
> That was the plan, First I wanted to create a user page for myself so that
> there wouldn't be any confusion as to who MrApache was.  I still would like
> to know where it says we aren't allowed to link to our homepages on our
> userpages.   Anyway so just a couple hours after I created my mrapache user
> page it was jumped all over and erased.  MY plan was to just start quietly
> contributing to the wiki and never post external links to any site ever.

Being fair to Vincent, you haven't got the best track record in this
community. He made a mistake jumping on you so quickly, but it's an
understandable mistake. He's apologised for it, now let's move on.

> The point is apache is open source and open to all, and wiki's were made so
> that many people could collaborate.  It doesn't have to be 100% perfect the
> first time every time, thats why there are editing/reverting/history/etc..
> features..

Apache *is* open source - but our community, and contributions, are a
meritocracy. You do good work under supervision, and build up trust,
before you're allowed just throw in your 2c without having someone
else check it over first.

You lost our trust a while back - by using a WikiName that could be
misleading, and by posting links to content we felt wasn't great, in a
way that we couldn't alter/improve the content.

Joshua asked you to do a couple of things -
If you're really interested in collaborating, please can you start with those?
If you've already mailed the list with a summary of the wiki
guidelines, and confirmation that you understand and will abide by
them, please just point us to the relevant mail in the mail archives.
I know you've changed your userID, but your new one doesn't actually
address the issue raised (you also neglected to let us know in advance
what userID you were planning on using) - so it would be helpful to
building trust and community if you could do as Joshua has asked.

The Apache Software Foundation is built on community before code - so
if you're not willing to work with our community, it doesn't matter if
your technical contributions are absolutely world class, you don't
earn merit here.

Looking forward to a positive response,

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