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From "Vincent Bray" <>
Subject Re: Password Encryptions transformation
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 18:15:58 GMT
On 20/08/07, Joshua Slive <> wrote:
> I'd add just a little more context at the top (in <summary>) about
> what this is useful for (perhaps with links back to the relevant
> modules).

As was pointed out on users@ there might also be a mention that apache
uses prefixes to work out what sort of 'cipher' it's looking at, but I
don't know that part of the code.

> I'd also remove the author stuff in the comment at the top.

Done. It was there because this isn't my work, but I can see that
keeping authorship references in comments can get unwieldy.

> That will go in the commit message. (And you should probably replace
> "which" with "that" most places in the doc. "Which" is rarely the
> right word to use unless it immediately follows a comma.)

Which is entirely correct :-)

> I fear the section at the bottom will be the instigator of infinite
> bug reports on better ways to do that in various languages, but I
> guess we'll live with it.

Again, it's a bit of a cop-out, I considered that there needn't be so
many programming language examples but this is Tom's work and I left
those parts be. I'd reduce it to a single language but which? Having
ruby in the manual makes me smile anyway.

> Then the next job is to link back to this doc from all the relevant
> places in the docs.

Yep. You prompted Tom to write this on users@ so know the relevance. I
figured that mod_authn_dbd and somewhere on /howto/auth.html would do,
anywhere else?

I've asked this several times (here and on IRC) and got no response,
but let's try again. Are there any other pages on the wiki that
qualify for translation, or are they largely off-topic/too temporal
for the main docs?


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