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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: help with Vista UAC issues [was: Looking for Vincent Bray]
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 03:37:38 GMT
Jon Schwartz (NT) wrote:
> Vincent,
> I own UAC and should be able to help you with the issues you listed here:

The crux of the bug is that the


tree is propagated by rewriting temporary installs (under %temp%) of the
various config files.

During the install process.  This is done by invoking the awk.exe binary
using a substitution script.  Our trick is that we need to teach the
installer that only \conf\ and \logs\ can be rewritten during install
and operation.

Of course there are other possibilities of using user Documents tree,
but as a system service, this makes a little less sense than usual.

contains the install shield sources of this packaging.  Any helpful tips
would be appreciated, Jonathon.

Best place for this discussion is packagers@ since it's outside the usual
scope of the 'documentation', we'd simply like to get it right for this
installer package (and some other packagers use this same msi packaging).
If you could include packagers@ in your replies, we'll drop docs@ from
the dialog for the moment (except to bring them back good word that it's
been addressed).

FWIW - we can use

(as seen through the table view in orca) to discuss it, since the current
installshield format isn't as readable.


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