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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: HTTPD Wiki Pages
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2007 00:51:06 GMT

Joshua Slive wrote:
> On 8/16/07, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
>> Good day,
>> Earlier today whilst reading through some of the infra@ postings I
>> happened across a mail which was referring to another wiki platform that
>> the ASF use.  CWIKI.
> I have no particular attachment to moinmoin (or wikis in general), but
> a few notes:
> 1. confluence is not open source, which is a big strike against it for
> us (not just on philosophical grounds, but also on practical grounds
> for a tech-oriented non-profit wanting to maintain control of its
> "knowledge resources").
> 2. confluence is way more resource hungry and less stable than moinmoin.
> 3. Many projects use confluence as a pure content management system to
> generate their project docs. We have another system to generate our
> project docs and use moinmoin as a real wiki to encourage public
> contributions. The extra features of confluence are less attractive in
> this situation. If you are proposing that we use confluence to
> generate our official docs, that is a whole other ball of wax and
> would, I'm sure, involve massive changes in how we do things.
No I was not suggesting we change the docs-build process, not by any 
stretch of the imagination.  Rather it could possibly have been used to 
promote material from the wiki to the docs.

> 4. While confluence can export html, moinmoin is fronted by mod_cache,
> making it very light-weight for read-only use.

Fair enough, thus negating my earlier (possibly, now confirmed moot point).
> 5. moinmoin is also somewhat customizable. See the spamassassin wiki,
> for example.

Ok, fair point.
> I believe it is very premature to call for a vote. I'd first like to
> see some very concrete reason why confluence would be substantially
> better.
Ok, maybe vote was not the right word in this case. Comments, perhaps :-)

Ok, so on reflection, maybe confluence is not such a hot idea.  I guess 
my main driver for this was to find an easy path for docs to be 
promoted, and a rather more selfish personal one, I don't care too much 
for Moin, the alternative just looked far superior.

I tell you what, lets forget I sent the mail, and I will look for an 
alternative method, possibly continue to hack on yango's (from #apache) 
attempts at an XLST.


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