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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: HTTPD Wiki Pages
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 20:09:19 GMT
Apologies the Cayenne wiki site is to be found here:


Tony Stevenson wrote:
> Good day,
> Earlier today whilst reading through some of the infra@ postings I 
> happened across a mail which was referring to another wiki platform that 
> the ASF use.  CWIKI.
> I have had a look at one such wiki site
> and I have to say it looks impressive.  Much more inviting and 
> friendlier than ou current one.  From what I have read in the CWIKI 
> pages the look and feel is  much more customisable, the security is more 
> granular, and the major thing is that the wiki is not directly used, but 
> rather they are exported to HTML (automatically from what I can see) and 
> that is what people are sent links to.
> I do wonder if we (the HTTPD, and more specifically the docs project) 
> could use this to greater affect than the MoinMoin one we currently use.
> I am sure an XLST file could be created so that they exported versions 
> could be easily added to the official docs much more easily.  As this is 
> one of the aims of the wiki anyway, this should at least be thought about.
> One of the benefits from the infra point of view is that these pages can 
> be cached far more easily than the MoinMoin ones (though I am not sure 
> as to the extent, or the reasonings behind this yet).
> So what I am suggesting is that we possibly move to this new wiki 
> platform whilst there is still plenty of impetus to maintain the wiki as 
> proactively as we currently do.
> I am more than willing to do the work to move us over to the new model, 
> and look at the possible links to the docs export.
> Your vote please:
> [  ]  +
> [  ]  -
> Cheers,
> Tony

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