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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: Your HTTPD wiki page
Date Thu, 09 Aug 2007 11:24:15 GMT

First of all I am not on your case, but I was concerned that this would 
lead to a flame war on the wiki again through the edit comments.  The 
reason I removed the links is because your last account was banned and 

However, let me apologise for jumping the gun this morning, I was rather 
hoping to prevent either others doing what I had done, but in a rather 
more inflammatory way, or to prevent a flame war.  It would seem that 
the inverse has happened.

So if you want to re-add your links, I will happily revert my change, so 
other people within the docs community, and/or the HTTPD community as a 
whole can decide whether to allow or not allow those links.  Because if 
I recall correctly the consensus was that parts of the material on was misleading or confusing at best. I am unsure if time 
may have changed those opinions, but I am happy to see what happens.

I have CC'd this mail to the docs@ mailing list so that a decision can 
be reached, hopefully with everyones best interests intact.

We would be very happy for you ton contribute to the wiki, but you have 
to accept that these will be reviewed by your peers, and may well be 
edited.  Your htaccess material in the past has not conformed to what is 
considered to be best practice methods and if they are published on the 
wiki they may well be altered.


Webmaster wrote:
> Its a new user page for my new user.  I believe I am following the policies
> and guidelines to the letter.  And the meta tag stuff was just me reading
> about the wiki software and testing stuff out.  Obviously you are aware that
> userpages are NOT indexed by search engines..  view the source code.
> I just realized this morning that my AskApache username was deleted and my
> old userpage deleted.  So I viewed the history and copied the code, created
> a new user (I plan on contributing to the wiki minus external links), and
> got myself up and running.  
> Seriously man why are you on my case?  Its a user page and search engines
> don't even look at it.  I added a link to my blog and my forum on my user
> page, just like everyone else.   Edit my page and I'm taking it to the head
> honchos to put a stop to this childishness before you cause another
> flamewar.
> I'm just trying to contribute to the wiki and its my userpage with links to
> my homepages for crying out loud.

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Tony Stevenson [] 
>> Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2007 5:11 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Your HTTPD wiki page
>> Hi,
>> I am just sending you an email to tell you that I plan to 
>> edit your home page.
>> You have created a new page, and added links to your site, 
>> and the htaccesslite site again.  We expressly asked you not 
>> to add those again last time.
>> I will also remove the meta type tags you have added that 
>> would appear to be aimed at being getting your name higher 
>> rankings in search crawls.
>> If you have any issues then please either email me, or email 
>> the mailing list.  We are the people 
>> who maintain the wiki, and last time asked you not to use these links.
>> Your last homepage was deleted after your account was banned. 
>>  It would appear that you are either trying to get around 
>> that ban, or did not see our last emails to you, where we 
>> asked you to not use them.
>> --Tony

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