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From André Malo>
Subject Re: Password Encryptions transformation
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2007 11:16:53 GMT
* Vincent Bray wrote:

> Hi kids,
> Following from Tom Donovan's work on
> I thought I'd have a
> pop at converting it to xdocs. The result is attached.
> It builds ok, and the result isn't too shaby, but ./
> validate-xml fails with:
> validate-xml:
> [xmlvalidate]
> /Users/noodl/Apache/httpd-trunk/docs/manual/misc/password_encryptions.xml
>:158:15: The content of element type "section" must match
> "(title,related?,(section|p|example|note|table|ul|ol|dl|pre|blockquote)*)
>". [xmlvalidate]
> /Users/noodl/Apache/httpd-trunk/docs/manual/misc/password_encryptions.xml
> is not a valid XML document
> [xmlvalidate] 456 file(s) have been successfully validated.
> I'm having trouble see where I went wrong, as the first section
> contains only title, section, p, and dl elements. What did I mess up?

It's later:

<p>C or C++</p>
Use the APR function: <a 

> Also, as this is my first go at producing a whole document, please
> don't be shy telling me what I've messed up. In particular I think I
> may have used too many nested section elements.

The xslt will bail if you've nested too deep :)

> In my trunk working copy, this file is
> docs/manual/misc/password_encryptions.xml
> Is that name ok? There's a few different combinations of
> squishedworks, under_scored_names and hyphenated-gubbins in that
> directory.

I personally tend to hyphens, but the trend seems to be underscores. I'd 
say, choose whatever you want, but keep it then (stable URLs are cool).

Issues to consider:
* The document needs to be entered into the sitemap
* don't forget the set svn:keywords to LastChangedRevision on checkin

(I didn't review the content)

Thanks, nd
"Umfassendes Werk (auch fuer Umsteiger vom Apache 1.3)"
                                          -- aus einer Rezension


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