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From Erik Abele <>
Subject Re: Copyright year change
Date Fri, 31 Aug 2007 22:53:41 GMT
On 31.08.2007, at 22:55, André Malo wrote:

> * Vincent Bray wrote:
>> Is there any particular reason (aside from tedium) that common.xsl
>> still has 2006 for the copyright year? Building the whole of the docs
>> takes 1 min 7 secs with this change for me in trunk. Should I clean
>> out my changes in all branches, change common.xsl and commit?
> I'm not sure about our current policy and how it applies to the  
> docs anyway.
> Are the generated docs a complete document with one copyright? Does  
> every
> document have its own?

IMO the sum of all docs represent a single publication with a single  
copyright date which should be based on the latest change (think of a  
book) and since we don't place any copyright dates into single files  
anymore (as we did with the old license header [1]) I think we're  
good with updating it now...

Though we might also want to update NOTICE [2] to carry the new date  
(seems it wasn't updated yet for the releases in 2007, see my mail to  
dev@) and maybe simply keep the docs in sync with that one ;-)


[1] Just compare the license headers in the following two files to  
see what i mean: 


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