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From "Vincent Bray" <>
Subject Re: PR 42898 RewriteRule
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2007 17:16:50 GMT
On 23/07/07, André Malo <> wrote:
> Well...... it's not entirely true. It actually matches both. In contrast to
> popular belief the particular word to mind here is "current". Within a
> given set, mod_rewrite matches the current value of r->uri or r->filename,
> I think (depending on server vs. directory context) (possibly preparing it
> before starting matching). It is true that it *starts* with the URL path.
> But it continues with the replacement, whatever it is, so:
> RewriteRule foo http://bar/baz
> writes http://bar/baz into r->something and this is what's going to be
> matched next time. The automatic redirect is detected after the last rule
> of the set (which may rewrite it to something else, so the automatic
> redirect won't happen anymore). Note that some flags even change that URL
> to things like proxy:http://zonk/zapp or redirect:http://something/else.
> Now, this is hard to explain. :-)

I have a young daughter and fully expect that birds and bees will be a
doddle by comparison.

So assuming r->something is not in the set [r->uri, r->filename] but
something else (perhaps r->parsed_uri?), and that mod_rewrite uses
that as a holding area during its fiddlings, is it possible to rewrite
to a proxy: or balancer: or http: url and then continue past that
point? I thought it wasn't..

I was rather hoping this thread wouldn't involve me trying (once
again) to grok mod_rewrite.c. Oh well, at least there's the pretty
banner :-)

No easy "[x] that one" fix?

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