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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject Re: search engine in apache docs
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 00:35:45 GMT
On 6/13/07, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
> I tell you what, once a decision has been made I would be very happy to
> take this on as my first task. (Above and beyond patching, of course).
> Is there a case for trialling so called 'rival' products in a bid to
> ascertain their suitability for the task in hand.

I think that is overkill.

I was suggesting a very slight change to make our docs search a little
easier and more professional looking.

Others have suggested changing to a home-grown search engine: solr.
I'm fine with that as long as we have a volunteer to ride it through
to completion.

If you want to take that on Tony, I'm fine with that too. But you need
to realize that a lot of the work is going to be figuring out how to
get this to interact well with apache infrastructure. (What server
should it run on? Does it need a custom account for the necessary cron
jobs? How will this interact with our mirrors? etc.) So my opinion is
that we need another volunteer who knows the apache ins and outs
better to help you along. I'm not all that interested in that
particular job myself.


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