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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: search engine in apache docs
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2007 11:01:59 GMT

>> > If you want to take that on Tony, I'm fine with that too. But you need
>> > to realize that a lot of the work is going to be figuring out how to
>> > get this to interact well with apache infrastructure. (What server
>> > should it run on? Does it need a custom account for the necessary cron
>> > jobs? How will this interact with our mirrors? etc.) So my opinion is
>> > that we need another volunteer who knows the apache ins and outs
>> > better to help you along. I'm not all that interested in that
>> > particular job myself.
>> I can help out from the infra point of view.

Great stuff, thanks Sander.  An insight into the infra will be very 
I will enjoy getting to grips with the infra side of things, unless it 
is anything like the majority of my clients  :-)

> Great. Then if Tony wants the job we'll just need to wait for his
> account to come through and then he can have at it with your help.
> I'll put off the idea of switching to a google CSE while we give this
> a try.

Ok, once it has come through I'll pester you so we can get started.
Have we reached the decision that we should be using solr, over Google?

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