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From Tony Stevenson <>
Subject Re: french translation
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2007 09:35:34 GMT

Jean-Fran├žois El Fouly wrote:

> OK I'll be the bad boy, launch yet another flame war and piss off some 
> people in this list...
> I suggest you have a look far enough in the archives.
> Vincent Deffontaines (in 2004), "Alain B" and myself (in 2005) devoted 
> quite a lot of energy translating Apache doc into French. And it has 
> never been committed. It all ended up in acid discussions with the 
> committers and basically all this energy was spent in vain.
> So you'd better make sure the context has changed before you devote 
> any time or energy to the French translation project.


I'm sure that wont happen again, if there is something that needs to be 
discussed it is better done on the list for the benefit of everyone.
Why dont you go to  
and add a page in there, that is the direct French translation of a 
current docs page.

You will need to sign up and create a wiki userid.  Once you have done 
this, you can easily contribute your translations.  Once they have then 
been verified by a second native speaker of that language you can submit 
it to this list (for now at least). 

As noodl (Vincent) says someone is working on creating an XLST file so 
people can contribute to the wiki, without having to re-work it so it 
meets the current XML standards that the docs build process currently uses.

Once the required steps have been taken, and all the necessary criteria 
have been met, I cannot see why the docs (if submitted now) would not be 

I hope this is ok, and look forward to seeing many French translations 
coming this way.


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