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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject mod_proxy_balancer
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2007 01:39:27 GMT
I'm contemplating the docs for mod_proxy_balancer, and finding them  
quite inscrutable. Not only do they lack any actual example  
configurations, but they hint at fancy configurations, without giving  
any hint as to how to actually accomplish them. Clearly, some of my  
confusion stems from the fact that BalancerMember is a directive of  
mod_proxy, not mod_proxy_balancer -- or at least, according to server- 
info it is -- but it's not listed in the mod_proxy documentation.  
Indeed, it doesn't seem to be listed at all in the 2.2 documentation  
under any module.

Can someone set me straight? I have some functional examples from  
various tutorials, but it would be really nice to have working  
examples in the documentation, rather than vague allusions to cool  
functionality. This is a wonderful module, and we need to help people  
use it.

Who should I be speaking with, and is he/she on this list?

We are here and it is now.
Further than that all human knowledge is moonshine.

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