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From "Vinko Vrsalovic" <>
Subject Re: [Httpd Wiki] Update of "Recipes/QueryString" by VinkoVrsalovic
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 15:11:08 GMT
> I'm sort of ambivalent about var=val consistency, since the query
> string doesn't need to be in that format.

I think most people think about the Query String in terms of key=value
pairs. And those who know that this format isn't mandatory are less likely
to be confused by reading key=value than the other way around. But, the main
point was to ensure consistency across the whole document (ie, don't mix with I personally
prefer var=val for the reasons stated above.

> >   {{{
> > - RewriteRule ^/path/(\w+)/(\w+) /path?$1=$2
> > + RewriteRule ^/path/([^/]+)/([^/]+) /path?$1=$2
> >   }}}
> I don't have a particular problem with that, but it is highly unlikely
> to work if anything outside the \w character class is in there, since
> URL escaping in mod_rewrite is pretty messed-up on this point. There
> was a recent message on dev@httpd about that.

Didn't know that... but I did a quick test:

        RewriteRule /path/[^/]+

and when accessing http://localhost/path/dsa(@@) drove me to google. So I
think it's not *that* messed up.


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