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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [Issue] External links @ the wiki, aka pagechange wars
Date Wed, 30 May 2007 04:00:13 GMT
Webmaster wrote:
> Wow.  I'm not willing to participate in a community that publically says
> they don't want me.  I really resent being treated like an outlaw or some
> blackhat.  Its shocking how different my view of Apache is now compared to
> the previous 10 years.  

10 years ago we were busy telling an organization that WebTen for the classic
MacOS could not be branded the "Apache Server" as that infringed on our mark,
and their patches had not become part of the "Apache Server".

In the subsequent 10 years, we have revisited this issue often and defend
the Apache mark as fairly as possible to avoid confusion.  I was impressed,
visiting your site, that you disclaimed any association with the ASF on
your askapache.con main page.  As much as your choice of domain names
irritates me, I Thank You for this clarity.

That said, there is no such disclaimer using such a name on our wiki, so
you must be kidding if you think we are treating you differently, or in
any way specially.  On an almost weekly basis, one PMC or another at the
ASF has to ask some helpful third party site to desist from infringing on
the ASF's marks.  He requested that you choose another name, seemed like
a reasonable idea to me.

You had been asked on several occasions to take specific actions that would
help users from falling into configuration traps and errors, and you choose
not to.  You persisted in irritating virtually every long standing contributor
to the Apache httpd docs.  And you engaged them in wiki edit wars with our
most consistent contributors.  He asked that you summarize in a really
short paragraph the policies that you would follow to prevent any future
misunderstanding, seemed like a reasonable idea to me.

And yet - they offered a trivial way for you to redeem yourself and have
a fresh start.  I give them credit for entertaining the thought.

> I hope in the future you realize its in your best interests to be polite and
> friendly.  You won't be hearing from me again.

Considering how forgiving folks are, it's sad you didn't recognize that
they were offering you an olive branch to make peace.

In our best interests though?  There are some who would say that your
contribution was far from the httpd project's interests, never mind the
end users following your advise.  We are all continually learning what
is rational and what is not so advisable in the Apache configuration and
it's code.

I've been beaten up by security analysts over flaws created by my own code
contributions.  We all are continually learning, from what I have read
in this thread, you weren't terribly open to learning the flaws in your
recommendations.  At this project, contribution is a two way street, and
those who only talk, and rarely listen, rarely have contributions we value.

They had tried to steer you in the right direction, and you never budged.
This became a significant time sink and probably was a net loss.  And yet
they persisted in helping you become part of the community.  Shame on you
for not taking Joshua up on his hospitality.

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