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From "Webmaster" <>
Subject RE: [Issue] External links @ the wiki, aka pagechange wars
Date Thu, 24 May 2007 20:15:56 GMT

I've never used this list so bear with me, I couldn't get docs-help to send
me help.    Its nice to know Apache has so many helpful people willing to
discuss this situation, but why do I get the feeling that none of you have
actually read the page in question?  Here is the link that is causing all
the commotion:
tml I encourage you to read it and then you can understand my position.

After you read the article, how could you possibly say that it is spam?
That is perhaps the most relevant article I've ever seen about Apache
ErrorDocuments and more specifically, HTTP Status Codes.  Its the single,
only place on the entire Internet where each of Apache's 57 Status Codes are
listed.  Its the only place on the Net where you can find the headers of
each Apache ErrorDocument.  Its the only article anywhere to have every
single returned errordocument.  I know because I did the work, I filled in
the blanks on the Common_HTTPStatusCodes, I wrote it, and I published my
findings to support open-source and Apache, and for the benefit of the
entire net community.
I actually did research on the external linking of sources or references on
the Apache wiki, asf, many other apache wikis, and the link to my article is
100% compliant with the policies, but besides that it is a really fantastic
article with 100% relevancy. 
1. There is no copyright issue.
2. Its 100% relevant to the wiki article.
3. Its the ONLY place on the NET with that information. It is the
authoritative link because its the original source.
4. Its a not-for-profit site.
5. The source that I used to fill in the many blanks on the Status Code
table was my article, and since the article is incredibly lengthy a link to
the original source is 100% warranted.  
6. is registered for another 7 years, so these links are
7. Have you even read the article?
I once again find myself in a wiki battle of reverts, but I just don't have
the patience or the time to be harassed every time I contribute to the wiki.
Its supposed to be a place where new ideas and drafts can flourish, shutting
people down who want to contribute is not cool.  Calling me a spammer and
calling my policy-compliant link "spam" is disingenuous and that rudeness
and immaturity is NOT following the guidelines and policies of apache and

I have probably spent over 30 hours trying to contribute to the wiki, which
I understood to be the trial area for working out new documentation.  A
"work-in-progress" where the point was shared collaboration.  Unfortunately
pctony and megaspaz have refused to let me post anything on the wiki.. It
seems that every tip and suggestion I contribute immediately gets shot down
as either being plagiarised, misleading and incorrect, or they just don't
give me an excuse.  I have literally spent hours writing a new wiki article
in the ScratchPad area, and a few minutes after I posted it was immediately

My stuff isn't discussed or improved upon or checked out, its just
completely deleted.  My email address is on my username page on the wiki,
and I have emailed both pctony and megaspaz several times to try and get
them to understand we are on the same team and the wiki isn't their personal
feifdom.  Look at my site,  Its almost entirely dedicated to
Apache httpd tips, tricks, etc..  I challenge pctony and megaspaz to stop
deleting all my posts and instead show me how its wrong.  Anyone who knows
anything about Apache will immediately recognize my posts for being
original, creative, and incredible resources for the whole web to enjoy for
free.  My billing is currently $125/hr, I am NOT trying to make any kind of
profit from, and to suggest my articles are spam is complete
ludicrous.  Anyone can shout slogans,  I put the code up on the NET for
everyone to discuss and improve.   

We are all like-minded here when it comes to Apache, so I hope we can rise
above the emotional aspects of this issue and instead focus on making the
wiki a more productive and friendly place for everyone who has ideas and is
willing to donate their time and effort.


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