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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject Re: Significance of evaluation order?
Date Sat, 04 Nov 2006 00:05:00 GMT
On 11/3/06, <> wrote:
> > ... lots of problem
> Thanks for clarifying the spaces. State's fine.
> > "Clients are allowed access if they do not match any Deny directive <strong>or</strong>
they do match an Allow directive."
> This language is a rehash of the old language.  Logically, it's correct but difficult
to read.

For some people, yes.  But it is an alternative explanation that may
be helpful for some people.  For something that confuses people, it is
good to explain it in more than one way.  Perhaps we can figure out
some way of setting it off from the other explanation.

There was once a suggestion to do a 2x2 table for each Order type with
Allow matched/unmatched on the rows and Deny matched/unmatched on the
columns and then each cell saying whether access is allowed or denied.
 I'm not sure that is clearer, however.

> > that the last evaluated directive wins.
> in the Allow,Deny isn't it the LAST DENY directive that wins and vice versa for the latter
case?  Or, better yet, of the DENY directives, are they processed in sequential order after
the ALLOW directives?

The order of the directives within each category (deny/allow) doesn't
matter.  So I don't really understand the problem here.


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